Monday, September 23, 2013

Life Lately

Much like this photo, lately I've been trying to edit and brighten up my life. However, whenever I decide I want to focus on something, I decide that it's not going to make me the most happy, so then I end up doing nothing.
Well,  not nothing. I've been trying to focus on photography, watching CreativeLive courses, taking photos (I have a very short shoot planned for later today), making business cards, and making lists. Refashioning has been put on the back burner as I try and "remend" my own life. I've been trying to find my purpose. It's stressful, isn't it?

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Relive a Memory.

I'm going to cheat and combine days 10 and 11 into the same post for Blogtember.

Here's the deal. Like all love-struck girls, I want to re-live all the perfect little moments I've spent with my boyfriend. I want to go back to the time we spent after bootcamp, or that Teatro Zinzanni date where we drank a little too much, or last night when all we wanted to do was cuddle and whisper cute nothings before we had to say goodbye for another month. I got emotional last night thinking about this blog prompt, because I know there's nothing that could make the following wish come true.
To my Jeff,

Sorry I couldn't finish the conversation last night. Thank you for letting me cry into your shoulder. Thank you for telling me I'm a cute crier even though I don't believe you.
I've had this pull at my heart ever since I knew we were meant to be. You never met grandpa Bill, and that breaks my heart. Every time my family would see him, he'd ask my sister and I who our boyfriends were and whether or not we were married yet. He started asking my sister and I this before I can remember. Imagine me as a six year old just laughing it off or making a cute disgusted face.
Up until he passed away, this was the one thing he would ask without fail. Every time, I took it for granted. I should have asked him who he would approve of, what to do when I met the right one, what he would have wanted to say when I thought I was ready to get married. And I've realized that I won't be able to tell him I found you. You two won't be able to talk. He won't be at my wedding or my sister's wedding or any of my cousins' weddings.
So if I could time travel (because reliving a memory wouldn't do the trick), I'd bring you to meet grandpa Bill. I'm sure he would put on a protective and nonchalant front, but he would be excited for me... Because everyone I know likes you. I like you. I more than like you! And I can't wait until you're out of the Navy and we won't be separated any longer, so we can make grandpa Bill proud.

Friday, September 13, 2013

A Self Portrait

 My eyes allow me to see the good in the world as well as the hurt. They allow me to capture the world through a lens and share it with friends, family and strangers. The bright blue and green pigment of my eyes ties me to my mother's side of the family. My grandma hasn't been able to see since childhood and she taught me life lessons about taking sight for granted. (Also to never again cheat at Yahtzee because blindness shouldn't be taken advantage of. Sorry, grandma.)

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Sharing Some Superb Shops

Today's prompt for Blogtember is to share our favorite online shops. So here's some vintage, business/Christmas, and home decor inspiration from a few of my favorite Etsy shops. Prepare for pretty!

inkkit is just beautiful to look at! The branding is impeccable and I want to buy it all. Such great packaging available here.
7" one of a kind champagne hand painted graphite twig pencils (5 pencils)silver glitter large triangle stickers  (24 stickers)cream tissue festooning ribbon (25 feet)

American Archive has an awesome selection of 70s and 80s apparel. The shop is clean, prices are reasonable, and they update often!
Vintage 70s GUNNE SAX eyelet lace boho prairie dolly tiered wedding maxi dress Svtg 70s sheer INDIA gauze boho prairie tiered draped floral wedding festival gypsy mini dressVintage 70s Sheer embroidered lace draped boho Wedding cocktail party mini dress

Allen Company is again a well-curated vintage shop. The color pallet is very neutral, making browsing a breeze. I also love their collection of silk and sheer items. There's also a super summer sale going on!
cream lace dress / 1970s dress / lace wedding dresssterling & marcasite brooch / celtic jewelry / 1940s broochblack linen blouse / boxy blouse / womens black blouse

Flux Glass is going to be a shop I will go to when I need to start decorating my home. I mean, seriously. Just look.
Mirror Bunting Small Half Circle Banner Garland StrandRabbit Mirror / Handmade Wall Mirror EasterOval Scalloped Mirror Handmade Wall Mirror Ornate Organic Frameless Wall Mirror

I had a lot of fun making this post because I got to go shopping without spending money! Yeah! Should this be a weekly post? Because I think it should. 

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Entrepreneurial Spirit

 photo FB6A7801_zps4ac73b75.jpg
Snapped this of my friend yesterday. Love the light, even in my backyard!
Last year, I took an introduction to retail merchandising class. One of the big projects that quarter was to create a business plan. I worked so hard on that thing! I developed my "dream" business and put an incredible amount of love and excitement into this project... Only to get an 82% on it. I was so upset! I thought the professor hated my dream.
On the contrary, she knew since I was so passionate about this idea, the business plan had to be 104% better than it was in order for it to speak for itself.
We had a chat and the way I approached schooling shifted from there on out. I'm excited to keep working on the business plan and I will aim to make it better with every new thing I learn in future classes. 
I'll never forget the things she said to me after that quarter ended. The biggest advice that made me think differently was this: "fill your life with positive influences and your social life, school, and health will improve." This professor taught me about myself. I feed off of positive energy and she noticed that I surrounded myself with negative people that quarter, which changed who I was and the work I accomplished. 
I'm different now. I look upon my time in college with new insight... and that was an enormous shift in my life.

Monday, September 9, 2013

I'm Okay Being Alone

 photo FB6A7537_zpsb0e69b2b.jpg

There are many days I'd rather spend my time in front of the computer or sewing machine instead of packing my day full of social opportunities. I am an introvert down to the core. Following the Blogtember prompt, I took this quiz and it pegged me as 1% extrovert. I think I broke it, because that's definitely not true. I may be 75% introvert, but not 99%. I do theatre!
I laugh at articles like this because almost every word is true. Facebook event invites sometimes make me anxious.
But I'm so proud of myself because I've been planning out the rest of summer (school doesn't start until the 30th... how ridiculous is that?) and I'm making plans with people! It'll probably make me really exhausted so I'm also going to make some massage appointments and a salon appointment to allow myself some relaxation.